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The Gan is staffed with trained early childhood educators passionate about education. They focus on providing quality education with the best possible learning experiences while keeping within the school’s philosophies and goals. Every member of the school faculty is sensitive to the needs of students and their families and aims to create a team between parents and teachers to create the ideal education experience for their child. 

Staff development is ongoing throughout the year to ensure that the program’s high standards are upheld. Weekly staff meetings are held to discuss the curriculum, exchange ideas, and plan programs. The Gan ensures that our teachers are given every opportunity to learn and improve, with easy access to current research findings and in-service training days. 

Our director of The Gan, Mrs. Gitty Rivkin, and the teachers create a dedicated group of professionals committed to each child’s development in school and out. Their dedication to early childhood education is seen in their interactions with children and careful curriculum planning. They bring a unique and special blend of professional skills and passion to their occupation.

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