School Philosophy

Early childhood years serve as the most significant and influential time for children as they begin their education journey. Judaism teaches that these formative years are vitally important, as a stage when children are naturally curious about the world around them. This extraordinary time of cognitive, emotional, and physical growth is the foundation for their social relationships and later learning experiences.

At The Gan, we recognize that each child has unique qualities, interests, and learning styles. Our curriculum weaves artistic and academic disciplines along with Jewish values into everyday activities. Students will learn to follow their curiosity, think creatively, and work independently and cooperatively with others. Emphasis will be placed on the individual child, with small classes and high student-teacher ratios to ensure every student receives personal care and attention. 

From our beautifully designed indoor space to our play-based outdoor area, we believe that an intentional environment allows for greater learning experiences. Young minds are nurtured through interactions with nature, open-ended toys, and various art materials. Children are given authentic experiences based on the year’s natural cycle to learn how to express themselves emotionally and creatively. We encourage the children to take ownership of their learning by respecting their innate sense of wonder and curiosity and allowing their ideas to guide our curriculum. 

Our daily schedule incorporates opportunities for school readiness. Writing skills are developed through painting, cutting, and pasting, while literacy skills are improved through storytime, songs, and group discussions. Science and math are introduced through critical thinking activities and nature-based projects, fostering a love for the subjects at an early age. 

Our goal is to create a vibrant community of children, teachers, and parents. Starting school for the first time is a big leap for both parents and children, and The Gan is committed to ensuring that this experience establishes confidence and trust between the parents and teachers. At the Gan, teachers and parents will collaborate and support each other to create a warm, dynamic atmosphere. As a community, we continue to learn and grow together. 

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