Enrichment Program


Our science program guides children through specific science topics using hands-on, engaging experiments. The physical world is explored with interactive activities designed to aid children's discovery of the incredible wonders of our planet. Children will learn and discover science tools that better help us understand the world around us.


Sportsball provides a mix of sports, movement games and team building skills. The children get to enhance their gross motor skills and develop a love for sports. They learn these skills while having loads of fun as they gain balance, coordination, flexibility and strength. In addition, Sportball helps the children develop their social skills and confidence.

Shabbat and Holiday Celebrations

Jewish holidays and traditions are learned through songs, stories, and hands-on activities such as baking and crafts. The lead-up to holidays is filled with celebrational, educational opportunities, as the children discover the values and morals to be learned from each holiday. Shabbat is celebrated at school with weekly challah baking and welcomed with a Shabbat party.

Music and Movement

Children's innate musical abilities are developed through an introduction to new songs and instruments. Our music program incorporates learning new musical techniques and tunes to improve your child's rhythm and tempo and helps children develop confidence in their musical experience. We endeavor to integrate movement throughout the day, using music and other activities, allowing children to connect concepts to action and learn through trial and error.


Introducing children to the creative arts sparks their imagination, inspiring creativity and inventiveness. Our curriculum incorporates art through dance, puppetry, music, and art projects. In addition to holiday and season-themed art projects, our teachers collaborate with the children to expose them to many different types of artists and artistic styles.


Yoga instruction encourages body awareness and self-esteem through calming exercises in a non-competitive environment. These exercises boost flexibility, strength, and coordination through physical activity while children learn self-health and relaxation skills.

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