Using a skill-based and goal-oriented approach, The Gan teachers engage children in activities focused on relationships and inquiry. Our comprehensive and developmentally appropriate curriculum is designed to combine learning with self-discovery, focusing on promoting each child’s social, emotional, and intellectual growth. Classroom planning is done with consideration of each child’s abilities and the age group to which it is geared. Understanding that every child has different ways to learn best, various mediums are implemented to teach each lesson.

As a Reggio-inspired curriculum, learning topics are decided on together with the children, with Jewish values and the year’s natural cycle forming the backdrop of the lessons. The classroom layout comprises learning centers, which allow the children choices and the opportunity to actively explore their interests through play. The children learn by interacting with their peers, teachers, and environment. Centers include art, dramatic play, blocks, manipulatives, and books, each designed with a specific aim that, together with the teacher’s support, assists the children’s emotional, cognitive, and physical growth. 

Learn more about Reggio here.

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